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About Us

Fn Designs
Fn Designs
Fn Designs

The idea for FN Designs was born during November 2008 and six months later in April of 2009 FN Designs was launched.

Molded by curiosity, creativity and aspirations to which are the heart of our diverse body of work. Conceptual and visual design, illustrations, photography, publication and clothing are thelayers that our studio has to offer whilst applying pragmatic and creative solutions.

FN Designs is a multidisciplinary art and design studio based in Dubai. FN is the Arabic word for "the arts"

FN Designs creates a design-centric social community within Dubai, through innovative and collaborative events. FN Designs also hosts art related events that offers patrons and art lovers from across the United Arab Emirates an opportunity to see local artists at work and get acquainted with them on a personal and interactive level.

In March 2012 FN Designs moved its studio andis now located at Alserkal Avenue -the hub for arts & creativity.

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